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LogMeIn is a smooth-running, professional-level remote access app for Windows and macOS Computers which offers flexible file-sharing features, including a cloud-storage feature not available with similar services we have reviewed. It’s a great choice for anybody who needs access to a remote computer, whether it’s your personal desktop in your own home when you are on the road or that of a distant tech-challenged family member who needs technical support.

LogMeIn will come in three distinct flavors: a Pro plan, which I tested, available for approximately two computers ($249.99 each year), scaling up to five computers for $599.99 annually, and many different other plans topping out at 50 computers for $4,999.99 per year. In addition there are pricier Central versions of the software, with features like remote file searches, remote deletions, antivirus, as well a Rescue version for support technicians and it also management, with options including the ability to reboot a remote machine and automatically reconnect in the event it starts up again. Unlike TeamViewer and VNC Connect, Logmein Com has no free version, but you can try out any LogMeIn plan free for 14 days.

To people unfamiliar with the term, remote access software allows you to run a computer located across the room or throughout the country like you were sitting before its keyboard and screen. You connect to the remote machine using the remote access app, then-until you click on the mouse away from remote access window-anything you type and each and every move you are making with all the mouse gets sent to the remote machine. This gives you usage of your own desktop both at home and at your workplace while traveling along with your laptop. You may also typically (but not always) send out an invitation to a person else that lets them access your machine.

The majority of these programs allow you to perform other tricks like copying files forward and backward between the machine you’re really sitting before (the “local” machine) and the remote one, or copying text or graphics to the clipboard on one machine and pasting it on the other. You are able to generally also open a chat window so that you can talk with whoever is sitting before the remote machine, which can be handy if you’re making use of the app for remote support. Some remote access software also allow you to make video recordings of what happens on the remote screen, or make use of the remote screen such as a whiteboard, drawing lines and arrows on the remote screen.

LogMeIn works a lot like its close rival, GoToMyPC, and also you can’t go wrong by choosing either of such two. Both provide standard remote access features like chat, file-transfer, local printing of remote files, and invitations for starters-time desktop sharing. You can probably expect those two apps to resemble each other a lot more in the future, because LogMeIn recently acquired GoToMyPC from its former owner, Citrix, together with its technology and interface design.

While similar in many respects, LogMeIn delivers a a little more complex interface than GoToMyPC and operates in slightly different methods. For instance, it has one security feature that you won’t find elsewhere: It sends you an email if anyone attempts to sign in to 1 or your machines with an invalid password. Since I use long, complicated passwords, I become zbgyba messages each time I mistype my LogMeIn password, so they’re more annoying than beneficial to me, personally, but they might be very useful for corporate settings, if, for instance, you experienced a snoopy officemate.

You are able to sign in to remote machines from either the LogMeIn client app or by signing in to the LogMeIn site in your browser and clicking the name of the remote machine. If you utilize the browser as well as the client app isn’t already placed on your neighborhood machine, the browser downloads the customer and uses it to get in touch. Once you close the link, the app offers you a choice of keeping it on the machine or discarding it.

Your client app is actually a minimal-looking viewer having a packed options menu that’s available when you’re connected remotely. This menu allows you to blank the remote screen to keep prying eyes from seeing what you’re doing. Additionally, it enables you to get in touch with anyone sitting in the remote machine by letting you draw on the remote screen as though it were a whiteboard, or turn the mouse cursor into a laser pointer. You can even sync the local and remote clipboards so you can copy text or graphics between the two machines.

While you’re running the customer app, you can drag and drop files both in directions between the local and remote machine. Remember, however, that the drag-to-desktop feature operates only on the Windows version in the client app, not the Mac version. Alternately, under both Windows- and Mac-equipped systems, it is possible to launch a different File Manager window from your client app or LogMeIn’s webpage and transfer files back and forth employing a standard two-pane file-manager interface.

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